The forecast expects mild weather and thaw for the next week, which means back to maintenance, building and admin work for your busy volunteers. In the meantime, let's have a look back to what it has been a good and busy start of the season with great snow conditions and already 13 days running the tows at village level.

Heavy snow allowed us to open for the first time this season on Friday 8th January for night skiing. (Photo:

Night skiing was a tremendous success as it has allowed school children and families to enjoy the sport after school hours. (Photo: Chris Penny)

We enjoyed a long spell with good snow quality, no wind... (Photo: Stuart McWilliam)

...and on the background: the majestic Lowther Hills. (Photo: Stuart McWilliam)

Local school children enjoying the last turns of the day on Thursday 21st as the mild temperatures and first drops of rain started to appear.