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The snow came back to Scotland's Highest Villages and thanks to your fantastic volunteers we've been able to enjoy another couple of days of skiing!

First day of the season and new snowpark toys!

The snow showers we had last weekend left a generous dusting of snow on the hill. That was followed by strong winds early in the week which moved some drifting snow towards the snowfences.

We've been having a few cold days on the hill as it's usually the case at this time of the year. The first snow of the season came on the 8th November with a very thin dusting of snow on Lowther Hill, followed by a bit more snow on the 11th, see webcam picture. First snowfall at village level, another thin dusting, came on the 14th. Winter is approaching fast, please renew your membership now before we start running the tows!

The snow is thawing rapidly, it looks like the 2018/19 season is about to come to an end. Here is a video of our new slope Sooth o' Scotland, which runs past the site of the 1960-70s South of Scotland Ski Club rope tow. Thank you everybody for supporting south of Scotland's only ski centre. It's been a very busy winter, now keep an eye out for the summer work parties!

Storm Gareth has wiped most of the snow off the hill. There is still a narrow cover on Throw Rig and Doon Hame all the way from the Engine Hut to the Clubhouse, but the uplift line of the Lowther Tow is mostly gone.

Combat skiing! The wind of the past days have left the hill scoured with a thin cover, but with substantial depth along the snow fence and on the tow line.

Storm Freya's high winds have scoured Lowther Hill with only very narrow drifts left along the Lowther tow's snowfence.

That's all the snow now gone from the south of Scotland after a couple of weeks of mild temperatures and rain, including a record-breaking weather up north in Aberdeenshire. The long range forecast until the end of February is not looking very hopeful, but again in previous years we have opened the lifts in March and April so stay tuned :-)

It's been a very busy time for our fantastic volunteers, which kept the tows running over the past week under excellent snow conditions.

First day of the season at Leadhills, and it's not every day that you can ski under a blood moon - a rare lunar eclipse which makes the moon appear to glow red (the photo doesn't do justice!)

Wonderful Spring snow conditions on sunny Lowther Hill. Why would you be anywhere else?

Fantastic conditions on Lowther Hill for this time of the season. Throw Rig and the main Lowther Hill slope survived the scouring and thaw of the past week and are still complete from top to bottom.

Beautiful spring skiing weekend, and still pretty good cover on Lowther Hill with over a metre depth by the snowfence.

It's been good to open the village slope again. Last week's high winds and drifting snow caused quite a good deal of disruption across Scotland but the situation is slowly getting back to normal.

Greek week on Lowther Hill, thanks to all members who came to enjoy the sunny but icy conditions with good humour as always. Special thanks to the volunteers who worked hard patching the bottom of the tow track - thanks to them we were able to ride the tow all the way from bottom to top.

Epic conditions at Lowther Hill with much more snow than anticipated. We were expecting the usual tussocky patches appearing after last night's rain, but the snow resisted quite well - particularly near the snowfence, where we have over a metre of snow!

What a fantastic school holiday week; the weather has been on our side most of the time and, thanks to our fantastic volunteers, we were able to open most of the Half Term holidays. It's been great seeing the wee bairns enjoying the snow.

The snowfence has saved the weekend. The recent thaw reduced the snow cover on the hill: it's back to grass skiing, with the exception of the snowfenced areas where the northerly winds have kept quite a decent amount of snow.

Perfect conditions on Sunday at Lowther Hill with much more snow than anticipated.