In 2013 the Lowther Hills Ski Club elected a new Committee with experience in ski centre operations and a strong commitment to provide access to Winter sports for the wider public on a more regular basis.

An unique opportunity has arisen as the Pennines-based Harwood Ski Club, has offered us the chance to acquire their equipment and relocate it to Lowther Hill.

The club is currently working hard to have the new facilities in place for December 2014. Please join the club or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to volunteer and give us a hand.


Our new facilities:


The main Ski Tow

The Ski Club has acquired from Harwood a 450 metre-long rope tow which will allow us to provide skiing for a greater number of people and cater for different levels of skiing skills as we will now be able to provide access to different areas of Lowther Hill. (So far, we were unable to provide that experience with our small tows for beginners). The Club’s operations will become more sustainable as the new lift will free valuable volunteer time. (Our existing beginner’s tows are portable and need about 3 hours of hard work in freezing temperatures to be put up and dismantled every skiing day).


A timber clubhouse on Whiteside, between the beginner's area and the Main Tow, will provide club members with a place where to keep warm and have a refreshment during their day on the slopes.

Maintenance equipment

A new 4-wheel drive quad, mower, and snow fencing will allow us to maintain a higher standard of upkeep on the slopes, provide a better skiing experience, and lengthen the number of skiing days per season.