Here is a reminder that Lowther Hills Ski Club has received a donation of native trees from The Conservation Volunteers. We have 300 trees (Rowans, Aspens, Alders, and Downy Birches) in a temporary tree nursery area at village level.

The estate has not given us yet permission to plant trees on the ski slope and clubhouse area, but we trust we will finally have news on this in the coming weeks. The plan is to relocate those trees to Lowther Hill between mid October - beginning of November when the trees have entered dormancy and are ready to be transplanted.

Would you like to see trees growing on Lowther Hill? With all our regular volunteers busy on other fronts, we could really do with a new pair of hands willing to take on the project management and logistics of the planting. No technical experience required, just a willingness to help, get the job done, and commit to a few days of planting work in October. If you can help out, please do get in touch with Anjo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.