Temperatures are back in the single digits and Autumn leaves in Scotland's Highest Villages are falling down. The first dusting of snow of the season should arrive to Lowther Hill next month - and in case you were wondering: no, we still don't have a lease.

It is now unlikely that the clubhouse will be built in time for this season.

Following our previous updates in May and July, the slow progress on the lease with Hopetoun estate has been having a knock on effect on practically every other ski club project. Over the past year much volunteer time has been spent reorganising project schedules due to the ongoing delay with the lease.

As we like to emphasise, sometimes there may not be much activity happening out there on the hill but there is always plenty of planning, organising and admin going on behind the scenes.

The project for skiing on Lowther Hill has come a long way since Hopetoun estates was first contacted back in 2011. We now understand that a signed lease may finally be on our way before the end of this year 2018. Looks like perseverance has paid off.

Again, our most sincere gratitude to our funders for ensuring we didn't lose the funding for the building as a result of not having the lease. To our extremely understanding builder, our hard working club volunteers, and all our supporters: thank you.