Paperwork for the past season is nearly finished, a couple of funding applications for more snowfencing have been submitted, but unfortunately there has been little progress with the lease.

As you know, building works for the clubhouse have had to be delayed several times because of the lack of a lease over Lowther Hill. Without a lease, the funders are not able to release the funding that was awarded a year ago for the construction of the clubhouse.

Following our previous update in May 2018, we have now been advised by the Hopetoun estate that they may not be available to discuss lease matters until the end of the summer.

Unfortunately that would leave very little time to negotiate points of contention within the lease and sort out the new stages of grant paperwork before the adverse weather arrives to Lowther Hill. The work schedule of our busy and very understanding builder would also need to be clear for us at an extremely short notice.

So, yet again, our most sincere gratitude to everybody; our hard working and patient club volunteers, all our supporters, and particularly the generous fellow villagers who are facing yet another year of storing ski club equipment in their sheds and attics. You know the lack of a lease has been delaying practically all ski club developments for several years now. We understand your frustration - as you will surely understand ours too!

As the benign weather on the hill is coming to a close, we expect to be able to confirm soon what is going to happen with the clubhouse, the funding, and the options available from there onwards.

We'll keep you posted.