It was only two years ago, in summer 2014, that Lowther Hills Ski Club started to build new facilities on Lowther Hill, on the same slope where the South of Scotland Ski Club and many other pioneers had previously skied since the 1950s.

Over the past two years, over 100 volunteers from as far afield as Inverness and Manchester have helped Lowther Hills in different roles and capacities to build the facilities and run the operations. That level of volunteer engagement makes Lowther Hills Scotland's largest volunteer-based ski development since the creation of the nation's first ski centre, Glencoe, by the Scottish Ski Club in the 1950s.

Work parties have been very much part of the Ski Club life over the past two years. A great way not only to contribute to the club but also to meet like-minded people, and good friendships have been forged on the hill. For many, the club functions as more of a community or an extended family rather than just a group of skiers and snowboarders. Our members are offered the opportunity to ski, work, and socialise together, united in their enjoyment of this unique trait of Scottish alpine culture.

Our Ross Dolder has been there from the start with his camera, regularly documenting the highest and hardest moments of the past two years of life on the hill. Have a look at for a trip down memory lane.

Once again, thank you very much to our fantastic volunteers for helping this community-owned ski centre to go from strength to strength despite our limited financial means. Through countless donations of time and money from those who have been supporting our vision, Lowther Hills is fast becoming a real ski centre for the south of Scotland.