We finally have permission to plant trees on Lowther Hill, so let's do it.

Building work underway! Finally, most of the lease and grant-related paperwork is out of the way. We're now busy building as quickly as we can before the winter arrives. Keep an eye out for the November work parties!

Lowther Hills Ski Club members are invited to attend the club's AGM on Sunday 4th November 2018 at 5pm at the Hopetoun Arms Hotel in Leadhills.

We can now confirm that Lowther Hills Ski Club Community Interest Company has obtained a lease over 3 hectares (7.5 acres) of land at Lowther Hill.

Here is a reminder that Lowther Hills Ski Club has received a donation of native trees from The Conservation Volunteers. We have 300 trees (Rowans, Aspens, Alders, and Downy Birches) in a temporary tree nursery area at village level.

The date of arrival of the lease will determine what we will do on the hill before the season starts. The funding package for the clubhouse includes a batch of snowfencing, therefore we are hoping to get those grant funds used immediately as long as the lease arrives before the winter sets in.

Temperatures are back in the single digits and Autumn leaves in Scotland's Highest Villages are falling down. The first dusting of snow of the season should arrive to Lowther Hill next month - and in case you were wondering: no, we still don't have a lease.

Paperwork for the past season is nearly finished, a couple of funding applications for more snowfencing have been submitted, but unfortunately there has been little progress with the lease.

The last patch of snow on the slopes at Lowther Hill finally melted last weekend (picture taken a couple of weeks ago). It has been a good season with 30 days of operations and about 90 days of snow on the hill. If you haven't already, do check the Snow Report section on our website, or our facebook and twitter to see a few videos and photos of the past season. Worth checking also this enthusiastic mention of Lowther Hills as one of "Europe's best-kept secret ski resorts in 2018". All this is happening thanks to your support, members, friends, and followers. And of course special thanks to our hard working volunteers who keep the lifts and the club running.

Our webcams page now has new links to a couple of Traffic Scotland webcams in the Clyde Valley.

Lowther Hills Ski Club 2017/18 Memberships are now available online on this website. Join now here.

As in the previous seasons, we are very proud to have this season's membership pass designed by renown illustrator Andrew Foley (www.leafywonder.com).
The past months have seen a flurry of meetings and paperwork activity as we finally got a funding offer for the clubhouse. We worked hard to ensure we were ready to build it before the start of this season, but due to delays out of our control with the new lease we won't be able to start building until 2018.

Lowther Hills Ski Club held its AGM on the 15th October 2017; thank you to the 9 members who attended the meeting and 6 other members who send their apologies.

Lowther Hills Ski Club members are invited to attend the club's AGM on Sunday 15th October 2017 at 4pm at the Hopetoun Arms Hotel in Leadhills.